What to do if you dont have a strapless bra? Tips to avoiding wearing a strapless bra

What to do if you don’t have a strapless bra and need one for an important event? It can be really frustrating when you realize that you don’t have a strapless bra and an important event is coming up. You might not know where to turn or what to do.

What to do if you dont have a strapless bra
What to do if you dont have a strapless bra

We have the perfect solution for you. We carry a wide variety of strapless bras that will fit any body type and outfit. Whether you’re looking for a traditional strapless bra or something with more support, we have the perfect option for you.

Let’s discover it with us in this post!

What to do if you dont have a strapless bra?

What to do if you dont have a strapless bra?
What to do if you dont have a strapless bra?

How to make a regular bra strapless?

How to make a regular bra strapless?
How to make a regular bra strapless?

Convertible Straps

You can easily turn your regular bra into a strapless one with this quick method. Many bras come with convertible straps, so check yours to see if the straps are removable. If they are, then follow these steps:

  1. Remove the back attachments from your bra and put it on. The band should now be fastened, and the straps should be draped down from the front of your bra at this point.
  2. Adjust your straps to the longest length feasible. You may find yourself needing to shorten them later, but start with them as long as possible.
  3. Start with your left side strap (for the sake of these instructions, we’ll start with your left side strap). Wrap it around your ribcage on the left and then around your back until you reach where you would typically hook in your right bra strap.​​
  4. Hook the left strap of your bra into the right hook on the backside of your band until it is stable and doesn’t slip.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the opposite strap (in this case, the left strap).

If necessary, tighten your straps if they are too loose and drooping down. The straps may also be used to keep your bra in place by keeping it fastened and safe.


This is the simplest and quickest of the 4 options we’re sharing. It takes minutes to do, and it does not permanently alter your bra.

With this method, you can also adjust how tight your straps are against your body for extra support. Plus, it helps keep strapless bras up and in place – something many women struggle with. The convertible straps offer support that actual strapless bras cannot provide when fastened in this way.


Not every bra has convertible straps, so this option is not always possible. A bra with convertible straps is a specific kind ofbra that requires certain hook features in the band and straps to attach and detach them.

Conceal the straps

It’s not always necessary to remove your bra straps in order to make a bra form a strapless bra. This is good if you don’t want to change your regular bra in any way, since it doesn’t hide the shoulder straps on the outside. Any bra can become a temporary strapless bra simply by hiding the shoulder straps.

This is one of the many methods to conceal bra straps, but it’s effective for clothing with little to no shoulder coverage, such as camisoles, spaghetti straps, or off-the-shoulder tops.

  1. A bra that fits you well and yet may be fastened more securely is a good choice. Because the straps will not be on your shoulders, you’ll need the band for support.
  2. Put the bra on just as you would regularly, with straps over your shoulders. To make sure it stays secure and doesn’t move around while you’re wearing it, use the tightest closure available on the band.
  3. Unclip the straps from your shoulders and make each strap as short as possible.
  4. To avoid a lumpy appearance, tuck each strap into the side of your bra and into the cup.​
  5. If your straps are uncomfortable because they’re bulging or sticking out, use safety pins, fashion tape, boob tape, or even masking tape to secure them.

This is a straightforward method to turn your standard bra into a temporary strapless bra without having to remove or cut the straps. This technique will also be the most quick, therefore if you don’t have a lot of time, we recommend considering it.


Strapless bras often create an unflattering bulge at the top of the cups. Additionally, if you’re wearing a tight outfit, there may be outlines visible of where you have secured your bra straps under the band. The cups may also gape slightly at the top without support from straps.

Cut​​​​​ the straps

If you can sew and don’t mind permanently altering your bra, this DIY strapless bra option is for you! Although a sewing machine is necessary, a needle and thread will also work.

  1. Pick a bra that fits you normally and is comfortable, but don’t mind if it gets damaged during this process. You’ll be getting rid of the straps entirely, so take that into account when choosing your undergarment.
  2. Place the bra down on a flat surface. Using fabric scissors, cut off both the front and back straps of the bra as close to the seams as possible so there are no remnants left behind.
  3. To stop your fabric from unraveling, take your now “strapless” bra to a sewing machine and use a zig-zag stitch along the area where you cut the straps. After doing this step, you’ll be able to wash and wear it like any other strapless bra. If you don’t have access to a sewing machine, do this with a needle and thread (though it will take more time).
  4. If you want to wear your new strapless bra without the straps, simply discard them.


Now that you’ve made permanent changes to your bra, like cutting it, try placing it in a lingerie bag when you wash it from now on. This will help keep the alterations and proper shape of your bra for much longer.


You can make your own bra alterations to save money and protect the environment. You may keep one less used bra out of the garbage by altering your own bra. You also save money by not having to buy a strapless bra. With a easy 4-step procedure, you can now have a functional strapless bra that may be worn under numerous outfits!


The straps are permanently removed, making this a completely strap-free bra. It’s irreversible once it’s completed. It will also take longer to sew if you don’t own a sewing machine.

Sewing the bra into your top

If you want to make a favorite shirt or dress into a bra-free outfit, the results are going to be fantastic! You’ll end up with a DIY strapless bra that’s built right into your top.

The third method we discussed will change your bra permanently, so if you’re not ready for that kind of commitment, this next option is for you. This one will test your sewing skills though, as we’ll have to sew thebra into the top. Be prepared to make some alterations to that shirt or dress too.

  1. Take out your sewing machine (or needle and thread). This is a tough process. We’re going to start by removing the straps from a bra you don’t mind getting rid of because we’ll be adding brand-new ones in their place.​​​​
  2. The straps that go over your shoulders should be carefully sliced off, both in the front and back (like in the previous three methods).
  3. Now take the bra and cut it on the sides, about an inch from the cups on either side. There should be a hard piece of boning on either side to keep the shape of the bra. At this point, you have 2 options: You can cut directly behind the boning to keep its stronger structure or choose to remove it entirely. If you have a larger chest or prefer more support, we recommend keeping it in and cutting behind it (on the band).
  4. Place the bra on a flat surface. You should now only have the two cups left with no straps or band. Then, choose the top or dress that you want to permanently attach the bra to. When making your selection for clothing, it’s best to use one that has an inner layer of fabric so you can sew the bra directly onto that inner layer. If what you picked out doesn’t have this convenient feature, check to see if you have thread in a color matching  the dress or shirt as closely as possible; this will help it blend in more inconspicuously .
  5. This is a crucial stage! Put the bra cups inside your top. Adjust the cups until they are in the correct place and then attach them to the piece of clothing. It’s critical you get this step right, or your breasts will be quite lopsided.
  6. Begin at the front of your top by stitching the undergarment into it. Begin with one cup and work your way around to the other, keeping in mind not to sew over any elastic or stitching from previous garments. Only sew the outside edges of your bra to the side seams of your top in this case so that the thread blends in. If you’re uncertain whether or not you want to stitch the cups into your top (or if you just want to try it out for a night), attach it using double-sided fashion tape before making a final decision!

Because there’s no band, this method takes any strain or tension off your back since your top is helping to keep the bra in place.


If you want several shirts that are strapless, cutting up multiple bras would become time-consuming. This method only allows for one main outfit option with the bra and can be challenging, depending on the top you’re working with.

Convert your sports bra

Convert your sports bra
Convert your sports bra

If you’d rather keep wearing your everyday bras, consider converting one of your old sports bras into a strapless bra! With the strong elastic band that most have on the bottom, they may be used to make a no-strap bra that stays put. After cutting and removing the straps as described in Method 3 above, follow the directions below to finish. You’ll seal up the holes you made with some basic stitching work, and voila! Your sports bra is now free of straps.


Select a sports bra with thin straps if you’re buying one. It’ll save time by eliminating the need to cut and sew (versus choosing a super strappy or racerback bra designed for bigger-busted women).

Tips to avoiding wearing a strapless bra

Tips to avoiding wearing a strapless bra
Tips to avoiding wearing a strapless bra

Go braless

(If You Can)

This is the most comfortable solution and also the easiest! If you have small breasts, you can usually get away with not wearing a bra at all. If your breasts are on the larger side or if you’re self-conscious about them, consider layering.

Wear pasties

If you don’t want to or can’t go braless, consider wearing pasties. They’ll give you some coverage while still allowing your skin to breathe. You can find them in most stores that sell lingerie or online.

Wear a stick-on bra

Stick-on bras are a great alternative to traditional bras, and they can be worn with or without straps. They’re comfortable and offer good support, making them a great option for strapless dresses or tops.

Sew bra cups into your dress or top

If you’re handy with a needle and thread, you can sew bra cups into your dress or top. This is a great solution if you don’t want to wear a strapless bra but also don’t want to go braless. It’s also a good option if you’re wearing a dress or top that’s not supportive enough to go without a bra.

Wear a statement bra

If you want to wear a bra but don’t want it to be visible, consider wearing a statement bra. This is a bra that makes a statement on its own, such as a lace bra or a bejeweled bra. It will add some interest to your outfit and can be worn with or without straps.

Wear a delicate bralette

If you want a more subtle look, you could try wearing a delicate bralette. It’ll give you the same effect as a visible push-up but feels less intense. Bralettes also have the extra perk of being very comfortable while still looking sexy – it’s a win/win all around!

Wear a lacy bandeau

For a more feminine look, consider wearing a lacy bandeau. This is a great option if you want some coverage but don’t want to wear a full bra. Bandeaus come in all different colors and styles, so you’re sure to find one that matches your outfit.

Wear a shirt underneath your dress or top

This is a good option if you’re wearing a dress or top that’s not very supportive. Wearing a shirt underneath will help to hold up your breasts and give you some coverage. You can also wear a tank top or camisole if you don’t want the extra bulk of a shirt.

Look for styles with more support

If you’re having trouble finding a strapless bra that works for you, try looking for styles with more support. There are many different types of strapless bras on the market, so you’re sure to find one that meets your needs.

Find one that fits well

This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s worth mentioning. A strapless bra is only going to be as good as the fit. Make sure you take the time to find a bra that fits well and provides the support you need.

F.A.Q What to do if you dont have a strapless bra?

Why do you need a strapless bra?

A strapless bra is a great option for tops and dresses that are not supportive enough to go without a bra. It’s also a good option if you’re self-conscious about your breasts or if you want to avoid tan lines.

Do strapless bras fit the same as regular bras?

No, strapless bras usually run a bit smaller than regular bras. This is because they need to be tighter in order to stay up without straps. Make sure you try on a few different sizes before settling on one.

Should I wear a strapless bra?

It depends on your personal preferences and the outfit you’re wearing. If you’re self-conscious about your breasts or if you’re wearing a top or dress that’s not supportive, then you may want to consider wearing a strapless bra.

Can I wear a strapless bra everyday?

Yes, you can definitely wear a strapless bra everyday. Just make sure you find one that’s comfortable and fits well. You may also want to have a few different styles on hand so you can switch things up depending on what you’re wearing.


If you are in a pinch and don’t have a strapless bra, there are some things that you can do to help keep your clothing in place. One option is to use fashion tape or double-sided tape to adhere your clothing to your skin. You can also try wearing a racerback bra or using safety pins to secure the fabric of your clothing. If all else fails, reach out to us on for more tips and advice on how to find the perfect strapless bra for you. We hope this article was helpful and wish you luck in finding the perfect strapless bra.

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